Monday, March 23, 2009

Better Boiling

I present to you the bayou burner. This guy made boiling wort a lot more fun. Previously, doing it on the stove was difficult. Not only was I worried about letting the thing boiling over and creating an impossible mess in my kitchen (and fearing the wrath of my wife), our stove was just barely hot enough to boil the wort without the lid on. However with the lid on, the wort would boil over. Enter, the bayou burner.

With the bayou burner I was able to set up on the back porch, and boil the wort with the lid off, sitting next to my pool. If it started to boil over, i just turned the valve down a hair. No problems. And if there is a boil over, I can just wash it off with the hose. About 50 bucks at Lowes, and well worth the investment.

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