Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching up...

In catching up to this point, I have already fermented one beer. I purchase my brewing kit from, and it came with a selection of ingredient kits. I chose the blonde ale kit figuring it was the one that was least likely to mess up. Of course, I did forget to add my sugar to the wort, and just tossed it into the fermenter after I realised I had forgotten it. The blonde ale has been bottled (a messy process), and is now carbonating in my closet.

The blonde ale will be ready to drink on Wednesday (3/25). We'll see how the first batch turns out! My expectations were pretty low in smelling the wort as it was boiling on the stove. I thought it smelled awful. But after tasting a little bit of the test sample, my expectations are much higher. For beer that was warm and flat, it wasnt half bad.

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