Monday, April 13, 2009

First Kegged Beer

Yesterday I kegged my San Francisco Steam Ale. This will be the first beer I kegged. I decided to let it carbonate naturally, so it will be about a week before I can hook it up and drink it. Sure smelled good though. It appears darker, and more bitter smelling than the blond ale. This is also the first beer I let sit in the secondary fermenter, so we'll see how that worked out as well.

The porter is still fermenting away in the kegerator (at 65 F), and the recipe calls for it to be that way for 2 weeks. That makes it ready Sunday. I think I'll try to force carbonate that one, and just turn up the CO2 to 30psi, and shake it up a bunch (at least that's how I heard you do it).

I also bought all the parts this weekend to begin construction of my beer tower, and complete my gas manifold. When it's all said and done, I'll post pictures.

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