Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneaky Leaky

Or "when in doubt, use more teflon tape"

I got the CO2 tank refilled today at Aardvark's (see twitter post) and I got the chance to test out my CO2 system. I had a pretty good idea where the leak was coming from. And well, I was pretty wrong. I denied my instincts to jump all the steps and fix the place where I was quite sure the leak was coming from and take tests step by step, starting at the CO2 tank and ending at the kegs. I ended up finding a leak in my manifold that I so proudly created. So I cranked down all the fittings, and it still leaked. After struggling to take apart what I just tried so hard to tighten down, I found that the fitting with the leak (3rd valve from the source), was lacking some much needed teflon tape. I taped it up, cranked it down, and it appears to be working fine. I pressurized the system and turned off the CO2, and we'll see if pressure held in the morning...

Following that, I also tested all my kegs with soap and water. I pressurized the kegs, and scrubbed the fittings with soapy water. The idea is if bubbles form, I got a leak. I ending up being right about the keg, but I was right about the wrong keg. One of the disconnect posts on my keg is leaky. Might be a bad O-ring but I'm not sure yet because of all 6 posts on all the kegs, this one is the only one that did not have a hexagon base to remove with a wrench, it has this star/sunburst pattern, so I currently have no idea to take it off. I imagine it's just an O-ring, but we'll see.

UPDATE - 4/29/09 - Checked the gas this morning, and the lines had lost pressure. It looks like it's back to the pool to find out where this leak is. Dammit.

UPDATE - 4/30/09 - Unit held air up to the valve after the regulator. Leak is not at CO2 tank, or regulator. Closed manifold valves and opened regulator valves. We'll see if the leak is at the manifold.

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