Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mixing drinks

Beautiful weather down in sunny Florida, just got in from swimming in the pool with the family. Nikki and I went to a gathering last night, and was requested by a guest to bring some homemade beers. This inspired me to buy two growlers from heartshomebrew, and they work great. They're 2 liters with a handle at 30 bucks a pop, but they are well worth it.

And the beers were a success, which inflates my ego about owning my own brewery grow. My hefeweizen and my steam ale got great reviews, the porter however slacked a little bit. But that may be because I accidentally mixed my porter with Nikki's root beer. Which was absolutely gross. I know some wonderful things were created by accidental mixtures, like penicillin, and probably Black & Tans. Porter and root beer, however, is not one of them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Long time no blog...

Hi all, sorry for all the downtime. Truth is I haven't had much to write about. You see, all of my vessels to hold beer in are now full, and I've already written about the beer within. So "unfortunately" I can't brew another beer until I empty out one of my kegs, or finish the bottles off.

The kegerator is working fantastic. I do need to find drip trays for under the spouts. As for now, squares of paper towels are working great. Everyone we have over is delightfully surprised how good the beer is. Which makes me feel fantastic, and makes my hopes and dreams of starting a brewery all-the-more realistic.

I just started reading the book "Designing Great Beers." It looks to be a promising, and informative read. I haven't got too many pages into it, as I got distracted by swarms of insects at my wife's softball game, but at first sight it looks a lot more readable that I initially thought. Of course that might be too dry for the normal reader, as being an engineer makes me partial to more technical writing.

The hops plants are good and bad. I know I was very excited at the start of the growing considering how much they took off. Then I got a little discouraged when they're progress stopped. Well now, the cascade is dying back unfortunately, however the cascade is still growing upward, and is now almost 3' tall! It's still a very thin vine, with no apparent buds, but we'll see what happens. Hope you all have a good weekend!