Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The painting is done! With a lot of help from my lovely wife of course. As you can see in the picture ( I went with a classy bright orange. I also finally installed the door, brought the CO2 tank outside of the kegerator, and finished the tap system...

The door itself was a royal pain. Turns out I made it 1/4" too big, which was a bear to get filed down just right so it would swing gently. But I finally did it, and I installed a lock it it to make it look super high security.

Just today I relocated the CO2 tank to the outside of the kegerator, leaving room for 4, count em', 4 homebrewers kegs on the inside.

And the taps.

I figured it would make life a lot easier if I made them accessible for maintenance. So I installed tracks to filing cabinets on the side of a frame, and made it so the whole system could slide out. It also locks on the back side so when you're drawing a pint the whole thing wont pull out.

I'll be honest I'm excited to lay this project to bed. This was a lot of work. Drywalling is a pain in the butt. And getting everything just right took a lot of time. My garage has been a total train wreck for almost 3 weeks. And one side of my house was almost completely inaccessible for a whole week (not making Nikki very happy). Now I can get back to brewing, starting off with my first lager this Friday! Looking forward to getting back into it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Drywall is.... messy. And done.

Drywall is finished. And with lots of thanks to Dave. My plan was for him to drop it off and work on it till 10pm and be done with hit. Well Dave was kind enough to stick around and help out. And we still weren't finished until 10:30. Oh and mudding drywall is a pain in the butt. Especially when you dont have proper tools. Believe me dont try to take on a drywall job with just a little scraper. Get the cheapo 8-in-1 drywall kit. It makes things much easier.

Now I know sanding drywall makes a mess. But I would've never known how much of a mess. After just a few minutes of sanding w/ no ventilation (probably not the healthiest thing) everything was covered in a white powder. And that stuff settles for days. And then you have to mud and do it again. Damn.

Well now that's done. Just have to paint and create my backsplash for the taps.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kegerator project

I'll build the intensity and say that this project is already done. However I'm going to drag out the storytelling and post as if I'm working on it right now.

So I came up with this fantastic idea for the kegerator. I appreciated having it in the corner of the man room, however it wasn't very sightly. I thought I did a good job on it, but it was still a giant box in the corner of the room. So I decided to build out the wall and enclose it. Give it a nice door to hide behind. Have the taps coming out of the wall with a real nice backsplash behind it. Make it look all fancy and stuff.

Turns out framing was really easy. Mainly because Nikki did most of the work. I tweaked my neck playing with the dogs the night before, so I couldn't twist my head to look right without a lot of pain. This meant I got to play foreman. Which was awesome. Nikki has a new favorite tool, the miter saw. I pointed and told her what to measure and cut, and she did it. Nothing short of awesome. Here it is at the end of the day...