Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The painting is done! With a lot of help from my lovely wife of course. As you can see in the picture ( I went with a classy bright orange. I also finally installed the door, brought the CO2 tank outside of the kegerator, and finished the tap system...

The door itself was a royal pain. Turns out I made it 1/4" too big, which was a bear to get filed down just right so it would swing gently. But I finally did it, and I installed a lock it it to make it look super high security.

Just today I relocated the CO2 tank to the outside of the kegerator, leaving room for 4, count em', 4 homebrewers kegs on the inside.

And the taps.

I figured it would make life a lot easier if I made them accessible for maintenance. So I installed tracks to filing cabinets on the side of a frame, and made it so the whole system could slide out. It also locks on the back side so when you're drawing a pint the whole thing wont pull out.

I'll be honest I'm excited to lay this project to bed. This was a lot of work. Drywalling is a pain in the butt. And getting everything just right took a lot of time. My garage has been a total train wreck for almost 3 weeks. And one side of my house was almost completely inaccessible for a whole week (not making Nikki very happy). Now I can get back to brewing, starting off with my first lager this Friday! Looking forward to getting back into it.

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