Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A note about spent grains...

Or doggy indigestion.

So I read somewhere that spent grains were good for fertilizer. So instead of just throwing out almost 10 pounds of grain I decided to do the green thing and covered our small vegetable garden in them. I didn't really bother to do any research on it because I figured there would be 3 scenarios, all of which are good.

A. The grain does nothing. And I still have a dying vegetable garden that I have to weed (neither I or my wife are much of green-thumbs). Strangely, this might be the worst scenario.

B. The grain is indeed good fertilizer, and my garden comes back to life and produces food.

C. The grain is terrible fertilizer and kills the small vegetable garden. Meaning I don't have to mow around it anymore.

Mind you this garden is up against the outside of our fence, because we know our dogs would tear it to shreds.

Well one of my dogs (the behaved one, strangely) smelled those grains from the outside of the fence. And managed to dig under the fence and eat about 3 or 4 mouthfuls (golden retriever mouths) of spent grain. So i filled the hole back up, no cookie, and brought her back inside.

After taking a shower I came out to check on the pups, and the dog had thrown up all the grains that she had gotten to. I don't think she'll be digging out again anytime soon.

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