Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

And I give thanks to a whole slew of brewing equipment and a patient wife.

In the past weeks a few things have happened. Added a few touches to the kegerator and a fourth tap. I still have to add a fourth manifold to put in a fourth keg. But it should be a simple fix. Also replaced the elbow I used to run the CO2 line through the lid with a straight splice because I couldn't stop it from leaking. Now it's held the same pressure for over 3 weeks.

Also brewed two new beers. A nut brown ale with a substantial number of ingredient substitutions. Enough substitutions that I feel comfortable calling it ATaleofTwoBrewers original. If it comes out well of course. If not, well just a failed experiment. That's currently naturally carbonating in the keg.

Also have brewed an American Pale Ale, which is currently fermenting in the closet. My parents came into town and wanted to know what all the brewing was about, so they twisted my arm *ahem* and we all brewed a beer together.

Dave and I also took the liberty to take a picture together with all our brewing equipment.

Front to back, left to right, I present to you ATaleofTwoBrewers cast. The propane tank, the home depot 10 gallon mash/lauter tun, the ever so hot bayou burner, the 6.5 gallon ale pail fermenter, the 5 gallon "hot liquor" pot, the 9 gallon brewpot (with our wort chiller hiding inside, it can be very bashful), brewing ingredients from hearts, and the 6.5 gallon ale pail bottling bucket with an assorted cast of tools and goods inside. Of course last but not least, the two brewers of ATaleofTwoBrewers, Eugene (me), and Dave. Cheers.

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