Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy holidays!

And preparation for a year of serious brewing.

While all my beers are snug in their beds,
Chilling and aging,
To produce a good head.

Fermenters and pots,
Are gathering dust
The bottles are full,
And kegs are all stuffed.

But away at his desk,
with pen and some brew,
Eugene was designing,
A HERMS to debut!

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. I've been reading about multi-temperature mash rests and the benefits, and I figured now would be a good time to get a design out there and start gathering parts that work together. So I've come up with a design that I'm going to post here. I'm going to head over and throw it in front of the gentlemen at homebrewtalk.com and get the details hammered out.  I've decided to go with a HERMS (Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System) because I feel it will cost less for me in the end and will integrate the equipment I have effectively. The way I see it, running the mash through a copper coil through hot water will produce a less drastic change in temperature and I'll be able to control the temperature much more closely. I also plan to have a bypass loop so I can continually circulate the mash, which should give me a much more even temperature profile across the mash tun. Well without further delay, here's my schematic:

Ideally in the end I would like the temperature control to be automatic. So I'd have a temperature controller monitoring the temperature of the mash and controlling the motorized valve to switch between the coil and the bypass. As things progress I will give further updates.

Again, happy holidays!

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