Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And now presenting...

So I got a little frisky this weekend. On Thursday I decided to upgrade my tool collection with a table saw. I've been doing woodworking for some time now that I've moved into Florida, and I decided it was finally time to graduate. Well on, top of finally making the drip tray for my kegerator (posts to follow), I went and made myself a light box.

What the heck does this blogger need a light box for you say? And if you're any familiar with light boxes, you'll admit that is one f-u-u-u-nky looking light box. Well my friends. I call it the "Pint Light". That hole perfectly fits the bottom of your standard pint glass. The result is pure awesomeness, and a great way to view the true colors of your home brewed beers. And here is the beautiful product.

Along with a nonchalant homage to my alma-mater. And the beautiful brew showing its stuff is my Nut Brown Ale.

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