Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'd like to start off by saying, I love curling. Aside from aerials, border & skier cross, and the biathlon, curling remains one of my favorite events of the Winter Olympics. Which for the past week and a half, and the remainder of this week, has been permanently tuned to on our television. That and American Idol suppose, which I can't stand. The wife watches that while I'm out coaching. Thankfully.

The picture I posted last was the vision of my next major project. While the ESB finishes, I'll be working on a number of brewing related (yay!) and non-brewing related (boo.) projects. What you see in the picture is part of the collection of products for my HERMS (heat exchange recirculating mash system). In the picture you see (from left to right) my March pump, my (orange) mash tun, Auber Instruments PID temperature controller, and Blichmann Autosparge mechanism. I also have a pair of solenoid valves along the way. I have redesigned the schematic from the last time I wrote about the HERMS system (Link). I'll post that when I go into greater detail about the system. Once the valves get here I'll have most of the parts. Major items remaining include a vessel for the hot liquor tank (a craigslist keg hopefully), a slew of quick disconnects, and a buttload of 1/2" copper pipe.

I will also be building a few bottle boxes and will put the plans for them online. My cardboard boxes currently holding my bottles are getting all warped and squishy. I'm not so sure they're going to last too much longer, and I sure as hell don't want the bottles to fall out the bottom when I'm carrying them from one place to another and shatter getting beer everywhere. The dogs will love it of course. Well, until they ingest the glass, then my vet (you know who you are) will love it cause i'll be paying her half my life savings to fix them. So inadvertently breaking beer bottles will please my vet... but I digress.

Unfortunately on top of all this will be competing another project for my wife. She manage to take a wonderful gesture of my genorosity and turn it around to bite me in the butt. She's been asking me to make a kitchen island for a number of months now. A trick, a kiss, and a smile later, she got me promising to make one. There's a reason there's the term SWMBO (she who must be obeyed).


  1. But Holland wasn't the only winner to coming out of the tournament, which brought top-notch curling to Charlottetown for Islanders and fans of all 12 competing teams to enjoy. Phyllis Stretch was one of many Islanders who took in some of the matches. ...

  2. That's why Kelly, once a runner and high school English teacher, today is the
    only wheelchair-bound member of a winning ice curling team. It's not a
    sport he imagined doing while growing up in Rockford, but it's a natural fit for
    someone paralyzed from 

  3. New Zealand's curlers have ended a successful 2011 Pacific-Asia Curling Championship in China with one of their best results there in years. ...