Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A dollar short?

Nope. But I did brew Monday! It was fantastic! Dave ended up being a no-show, something about a "job." But the weather was absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty convinced that it prettied up just so I could comfortably brew in the backyard, because that night the temperatures plummeted all over again, and now I'm back to whining about how blessed cold it is in the morning. That to the right is one of my brewing partners.

Brewing went absolutely great. While I brewed I did a lot of reading, I read my inaugural issue of Brew Your Own (a subscription my wife got my for Christmas, awesome!), which had an awesome article about the collapse of the cellular structure of foam (aka the head on your beer). Of course that article really appealed to the engineer side of me.

I learned a few things as well too. The simple bit of education was my mash tun is leaking around the bulkhead valve. Re-caulking the bulkhead and putting it back together should be easy enough, if they indeed make high-temp caulk. Oh, and as a result of my leak I also found out that all three of my dogs love sugary wort.

I had an epiphany while brewing as well. Leading up to my HERMs upgrade, I've been doing a lot of research on sparging. It seems that I keep getting hung up on this area because of all the different trains of thought, and what appeared to me, not all of them accomplishing the same thing and breaking each others rules. Maybe it's a rookie mistake, but I was under the impression that you lauter (let all the wort run out) THEN you sparge (pour in the sparge water). From what I understand (and please correct me if I'm wrong), you sparge WHILE lautering. Which totally makes sense to me now. I'll go more into my HERMs design at another time.


So now my wort is bubbling away in the fermenter, and quite vigorously. So much so that I noticed some krausen had bubbled through my vinty airlock. So I ripped it out and replaced it with my 3-piece filled with vodka. All is well.

In finishing, I started getting paid for my coaching position this week, and I just put in some orders for some brewing goodies... I wonder what I may have in store... Hmmm...

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