Thursday, February 4, 2010

Strength in numbers

Or my first blog-by-email. So please pardon me for any horrible typing mistakes if you read this before I get home and correct it. I'm sitting at the SWMBO's softball game. She plays at our towns local league. It's wicked exciting. Really. That's why I'm writing at the game. Well, she supports my brewing, it's the least I can do!

On beer news, I finally got my membership card for the American Homebrwers Association! Now I get access to the forums over at their site, discounts at select pubs, and discounts and invitations to homebrew events and competitions. Pretty sweet actually (check it out @ And apologies for missing my early-week update. I was out of town inspecting houses at my real job. You know, the one that pays me.

After some discussion and a lot of aging, Dave and I have agreed that our Irish red could be a contender. We'll begin discussing what we should do with it next time we meet. Next week I'll post some pics of the new drip tray. It really works great and completes the look of the kegerator!

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