Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Empty bottle

And as far as content is concerned possibly an empty post. For I have made absolutely no progress since my last post on my beer boxes, my herms system, or even the wifey's island (crap). And the wifey is coming home early (yay!). And she'll notice the island isn't done (crap). Fingers crossed she'll be so happy that she's home that she wont care about the island not being done. That or I'll be picking out a Coach purse for her in recourse.

I guess I haven't accomplished absolutely nothing. I have been drinking a substantial amount of beer. You see, I invited the boys over a way back for a night of drinking & gaming. It was a good time, however there was a noticeable lack of drinking (which was quite odd for drinkers of our caliber). So my backup 24 pack of bud light was left untouched, and occupying a significant portion of my allotted beer space. Well I'm just down to a few more bottles. I'm sure I can polish them off before the wifey gets home. Do I need to? No. But the guidance counselor always talked about setting goals right?

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