Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi All

Hi All, and thanks to Gene for welcoming me to his Brew Blog! I fully intend to switch over from my previous hobby home brew blog (which documented my first attempt) to this one.

My brewing history is somewhat brief but I have been a self-titled connoisseur since college. I think I can take credit for introducing Gene to his first real Belgian ale (St. Bernardus Abt 12), and I am passionate about the history and variety of beer. I'm even in the "Rare Beer of the Month" club (which so far has been disappointing.)

I have successfully made one batch, but my former partner found the deepest dankest place in his basement to store our equipment; while at the time it seemed like the perfect place, some of the plastic items were not totally dry. One thing lead to another, and we brewed up a big batch of mildew, mold, and otherwise unsavory microorganisms (as opposed to the savory ones found in Brewer's yeast.) Rather than imitate my Viking predecessors, roll up my fur lined tunic, and just roll on ahead using that equipment (with my trusty generations-old moldy stirring stick,) I have decided to thoroughly cleanse my gear prior to preparing a food-product therein.

I also intend to re-build my wort chiller; my idea of separating the coils (while it seemed like increasing surface area was a good idea) was not that effective. Turns out, it was so tall most of the coils stuck out over the surface of the liquid, completely nullifying their effectiveness.This Dr. Suessean creation will probably find a home eventually. Possibly a landfill, but hopefully an art museum.

Oh! I'm also responsible for designing the brewery website and logo.

I'll keep you all posted.

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