Monday, March 22, 2010

A little restructuring...

I've had some news brewing that I'm pretty excited about (no pun intended). To keep a long story short, Dave fell off the face of the earth. You can't have "A Tale of TWO Brewers" without a second brewer. Step in my new co-host (& struggling comedian) Nick! Nick probably knows me better than anyone else considering we attended elementary school together and lived within walking distance from my house. We've spent a lot of time together, and now share the same brewing obsession. Nick currently hails from... well somewhere in New Jersey (I keep good track of my friends obviously). It's been a little while since he's brewed since his development doesn't allow propane burners on the back porch (all together now... llllllaaaaaammmmeee). He's not on a schedule, but from time to time he'll post his wise-@$$ two brewing cents. So, Nick, welcome aboard!

HERMS update... no construction yet. However I have gotten a series of parts together and they keep coming in. I've recently received some polysulfone disconnects, which should make life easier in the long run. I've also picked up some copper tubing & fittings for future manifolds and thermowells.

I was running into a lot of difficulty trying to figure out how to make a device to keep my not-water-tight thermocouples water tight. After a lot of debate, and not a whole lot of feedback, I took a step back and reassessed the situation. I then realized that i don't even have to submerged the whole thing into the mash, and water-proofing wasn't even necessary. Well damn.

I also picked up another PID controller and thermocouple because I wanted to be able to monitor the hot liquor tank temperature, and eventually control the burner with the PID controller. It's on its way!

Also got my new beer boxes (boxes to hold all my bottles) 90% done. Just needs some sand and paint now!

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