Friday, March 5, 2010

Man I'm old.

So I guess, I suppose, it happens to be... my birthday. Hoo-rah. Ha ha. I've never been one to make much ado about birthdays but the wife certainly does. However, she's out of town so it's just me, the dogs, beer, and some power tools. Not in that order, and not in that combination of course. What am I doing tonight? Finishing some beer boxes. Working on the SWMBO's project. Having a liquid dinner, writing this blog, and doing some gaming. And I am a-ok with that evening!

Speaking with the father in law today, he brought to a point that I never really did follow up to my post regarding the handle and the epoxy for the kegerator. Technically it didn't work, but it did do it's job. I managed to get the kegerator out far enough so that I could yank it out the rest of the way easily enough. However once it got to that point the handle popped off like the cap of a mich-light at a frat party. I guess in the end I got what I wanted. I was able to mount the kegerator on my dolly I custom made myself. And now it rolls o-so-smooth.

Well since it is my birthday, I've got some drinking and gaming today. And I suppose I need to go to bed at some point so I can coach at the meet tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and I'm 26.

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  1. Ahh, I remember turning 26 - it was almost 20 years ago! (Yeah, sure... YOU'RE old!)