Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Announcement

I've been talking to friends a lot about my vision of opening a brewery someday, I've been calling it a dream. I've been saying dream as to not let myself down if it doesn't happen. I've been doing a lot of reading about all aspects of brewing, from business to basics. I'm reading a great autobiography right now about Sam Calagione, founder of the Dogfish Head Brewery, and about his motivation and goals when he started out his adventure. A friend also told me that even when Donald Trump was younger, he probably started out and said "Someday I'm going to own that building." Every famous person has a friend who tells the story "Yeah, one day he told me he was going to do (whatever), and I said he was crazy." Well here it is.

Someday, I will open up a brewery. And that brewery will be dedicated to making a wide variety of sensational beer. Beers that are easy to drink and refreshing. Beers that are full of body and flavors. Beers that will challenge your taste buds. Every beer will be the best beer you've ever tasted. Beers you will want to drink when toasting your friends. Drink while you're laying in a hammock out by the pool. Drink while you're sitting in your favorite recliner, with a good book, and man's best friend laying beside you. Drink with friends, drink with family.

I will open this brewery and achieve my dream.

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