Monday, March 23, 2009

Dead yeast? Nah.

Well, the second batch is now in the fermenter. And I thought I nearly killed the yeast. After twelve hours, there was no bubbling in the airlock. Damn. The first batch was bubbling like crazy at this point. The only difference was that the first time I didn't rehydrate the yeast, but this time I did. Hmmm...

So I looked back at my text. Somewhere I had read to rehydrate in warm (not hot) water. 110 degrees. Yeah, I couldn't find that text anywhere. In a bunch of different places it said 90 degree water. So I headed out to heartshomebrew, the local brew store, and told him my story. He said that I most likely killed the yeast, so I purchased another packet. I got home, and just before I re-hydrated the second packet, I decided to check the airlock again. Life! Was it bubbling as furiously as the second one? No, but bubbling none-the-less.

We still have life. Smells good too.

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