Friday, April 24, 2009

Growing hops

My Chinook rhizome is already growing rapidly, since I updated last, the plant has grown another inch. Another few weeks and I'll already be training it along a pole, and I think I should have small buds soon.

And I've figured out what was the issue was with my Cascade hops. Now, I've never claimed that I was a greenthumb as a matter of fact, my thumb is probably about as green as my butt. And I'm also impatient. So today I went digging for the rhizome I had planted. Turns out, it sure had budded. And probably grew just as far as the Chinook did. However I planted it upside down, so it grew down, turned around, and was growing back upwards. So I replanted it with the right side up, and I imagine I'll have some growth pretty soon!

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