Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy birthday Mr.... Presidente?

So I'm digging in the memory banks a little for this one, so for those who are involved please cut me some slack. When I was in college my roommates got together and went to one of their home towns in Ecuador. They came back raving about this beer, Presidente. This was back before my complete obsession with the whole culture of beer tasting and such, so I didn't really pay much attention to it. But for weeks they wouldn't stop talking about the damn beer, and kept asking me to go to the import store to find it. Well it wasn't there, at least not where I was looking.

So here I am this past weekend, in Miami with a friend to watch a tennis tournament. We had some down time in the evening and spent cruising around South Beach having a drink here and there. We stopped at this Mexican restaurant, and he mentioned this beer and promptly ordered two pints. I was looking forward to trying this stuff my roommates raved so much about.

I was delightfully surprised. And please excuse my lack of detail, because I dont have a pint in front of me like I typically do. But this beer is wonderfully crisp and smooth. If you're looking for a lot of hops or a complex flavor, your barking up the wrong cerveza. This beer is a great example of a simple pilsner and is perfect when you're sitting on the beach and you need a refreshing drink.

Or two. Or three. Four, or Five. As it may be.

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