Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Janitorial Work

First I'm excited to say that we've gone pro, we now are located at Which is pretty damn exciting to me. We're also going to be launching a few upgrades here and there in the upcoming months so stay tuned. I've also added a donate button on the lower part of the information bar to the right. If you enjoy what you read here, contribute to the site's research and development! Money will go to new brewing items such as a fermenator, kegs, bottles, more automated gadgets like a digital burner control, and ultimately a new brewery. Thank you, in advance.

Now that two kegs have been spent, and ATaleOfTwoBrewer's First Original ESB on the horizon of kegging, it's time to clean out some kegs. For Christmas the wifey got me the Kegworks.Com beer line cleaning kit (link). If it weren't for the warning, or should I say un-warning, I would've handled the cleaning stuff that comes with it with thick rubber gloves and a pair of tongs reminiscent of a blast furnace. This stuff looks like it'd eat a hole in your driveway. However according to the label it's actually quite safe. And a little more than a capful will create a gallon of cleaning solution, which I found plenty to clean lines for two kegs and two taps.

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