Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MicroBlog: Today's News

This is not beer related, so I might get an earful from Gene later. That said: "Lords of Ultima" IS "Farmville." Diamonds are Farm Bucks or whatever they are called. The build queue is harvesting. Don't subscribe to this new layer of the internet: micro-transactions. It's just like the Commodification of beer, food, and everything else. They want to reduce the net to the smallest possible salable portion.

Farmville is like the Bud-Light of the internet. It's O.K. in small doses but there is no substance and it does cost real money. To all your brewer's our there, to all you starbucks-shunning no-I-will-not-have-fries-with-that enlightened consumers out there, do not fall for the obvious trap here. The more consistent you are (across the board) in your purchasing habits, the more you vote with your dollar. That's the only true vote we have left in our consumerist society.

I intend to vote for home brew. I intend to vote for local high quality ingredients. My dollars will not go to Farmville, Budweiser, or Kraft. I'm going to shop at Princeton Homebrew even though I could get a better deal online. Every dollar I don't spend on Starbucks, Farmville, or cheap rice-beer can go towards my Beer Education. Think about that the next time you buy some Farmville fuel.

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