Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday morning update

Big update from the weekend...

The kegerator is up and running! Happily with no leaks. Once the porter was done fermenting, I took it our of the kegerator and brought the kegerator down to a cool 35F. The beer flows so smoothly from it, I can't wait to make the towers and put some faucets on it so I don't have to open it every time. I also learned when using the picnic faucets to squeeze down all the way so the beer doesn't spray out, ideally you should fill a pint in about 4 seconds. My beers taste a little flat however, so I turned up the pressure last night, and we'll see how it tastes in a day or two. I did notice one of the poppit valves on the gas side is leaking when I remove the disconnect. I'll have to fix that when the keg is kicked.

The San Francisco Steam beer has finished carbonating itself and I placed it in the kegerator. It has a pretty good flavor, it's quite sweet. Sweeter than i particularly like it, but it's quite good. When poured it has a really good head on it.

The porter is fantastic. It's very smooth, dark, and has a little smoked choclatey flavor to it. It's real nice. At first I thought it wasn't thick enough, but I remembered that it was a porter now, and not a stout.

Apparently the root beer tastes great and fresh. I wouldn't know, I can't stand the stuff, but Nikki likes it a lot.

So I believe that's it! Now it's time to finish some beers, as I now have no more containers to put new beer in. But next, I think I'm feeling a lager finally... if I can make room in the kegerator for the fermenting bucket with the other kegs in there.

Pictures are coming!

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