Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Port O' Palmer is bubbling away

In celebration of a pair of friends return to Orlando last night Dave and I brewed our first Porter. Known as the "Port O' Palmer" from Palmer's "How to Brew" book, this beer also marks or disembarking from beer 'ingredient kits' to following recipes straight from a piece of paper. I collected my ingredients from Heart's home brew Saturday morning. This batch is also the debut for the wort chiller and the kegerator combined with the Johnson Control's temperature regulator. The wort chiller worked beautifully, and got our boiling water down to 90 degrees in about 5-10 minutes. The temperature controller also works perfectly. I set it to my fermenting temperature of 65 degrees, and when I measured it 4 hours later, it was exactly at that. So as I write this my first porter is bubbling away in my climate controlled kegerator. Pictures will be soon to follow.

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