Friday, April 23, 2010

What to Do if All Your Blog Posts Disappear

We recently had the unfortunate experience of losing all our blog posts either do to maliciousness, or some kind of blogger glitch that only affected our site. I'm leaning towards maliciousness.

First things first, if this has happened to you and you did not change your Google password, GO CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW.

If you find yourself the victim of this sort of behavior (i.e. somebody deletes all your posts, one at a time) then this might help you.

If your entire blog was deleted, there's an un-delete feature available in the dashboard, so check that out.

This is advice to help those of us who see the "View All Posts" link on their blog and have no posts visible in the dashboard.

Your blog posts are probably not gone. In fact, the more popular your blog the more likely it is that NONE of them are gone. Here's where you can find your past posts:
  • Search Google for "" where "" is your URL. Odds are, a bunch of your old blog posts are stored there.

  • Contact somebody who has subscribed to your blog via email, and have them forward you all the posts they have received.

  • Find out if anybody has ever followed you with a feed reader, those usually keep copies of all the downloaded RSS items. Google Reader is an example of a feed reader.
If you only have a few posts, it shouldn't be too bad to manually re-enter them from this information (just backdate them by clicking "Advanced Options" when posting.

What We Did

Luckily, I had subscribed to the blog in Google Reader from the beginning, so I had a complete copy of all our posts.

Being a programmer, I wrote a windows application which would download items from my Google Reader feed and resubmit them to blogger.

To use this, you need to follow the steps here:
You'll end up with a 20-digit number corresponding to your starred posts.

Install and run my application (source code is included, to prove there is no monkey business going on) and you'll be able to import 50 posts per day to your blog (from your public reader feed).

This has some limitations: Images aren't preserved, you lose all comments, and the person who originally posted the item has to be the one who runs the program and reposts it. Use it as a last resort.

Here's a link to the program.

This is provided under an MIT-license. Which means you can do whatever you want with it, but can't hold me liable for any damage that may be caused to your computer or blog. Like I said, use it as a last resort.

Our support post was here:


  1. You may also be able to use The Wayback Machine, located at, if your blog is older than a certain date.

    If you can forgive a watery toast, I'll raise a glass to your recovery tonight - I'm probably driving.

  2. Neat idea with the software license - didn't know you could do that with freeware. Anyway, glad you're back in action and I hope you "catch" the culprit!

  3. glad you're back in action and I hope you "catch" the culprit!