Monday, May 3, 2010

Beereview: Newcastle Draughtkeg!!

Sometimes finding something on your front door can be pretty damn exciting. Especially if you really aren't expecting it for one reason or another. Back when I wrote my post "Knick, Knack, Paddy-Whack," i had a bone to pick with the draughtkeg. You can see the post here. In quick summary, I love the draughtkeg, but don't love how much of a limited selection there is, and why I hadn't seen the Newcastle one yet. Well I got a quick response from a lovely lady that does PR for Newcastle. With good news for you, and even better news for me. Good news for you (if "you" reside in Florida) is that the Newcastle draughtkeg will be in Florida stores by the end of the summer, if not a little sooner. Even better news for me is that I received a free sample in the mail along with a piece of their new glassware, the "Geordie Schooner." I just received this package a few days ago, and my wife could not wait to try it out.

First the Geordie Schooner. A name like "Geordie Schooner" to me brings images of old dudes with beards down to their knees tilling the fields (think ZZ Top with pitchforks), I don't know why. But with a little more research I found that the glass, originally named the Wellington Glass, is a tribute to the old locals of Newcastle, known as "Geordies". All that historical crap aside the glass was fun to drink out of and fits really well in your hand. And a "Schooner" of Newcastle looks awesome.

The draughtkeg.

Upon the first pour from the draughtkeg, there's a faint smell of what I think is Citrus? I really can't put my finger on it. The head is a straight white, thick, and stable. It almost taunts you, saying "I bet you can't drink through me, bring it b___h." The beer is sweet, and hops don't really make a noticeable appearance. The malt flavor is strong, and good. The beer finishes smooth and sweet, and sets up your palate for another round. A very easy drink, and from the draughtkeg, the pour is perfect every time.

Noting: I cannot be bought. Well, I probably can. But I truly love the draughtkeg design. In a few weeks, the draughtkeg will meet my Sawz-All and we'll see what makes it tick.


  1. That would be awesome. I'm nuts for Newcastle. It's about enough to make me move to Florida.

  2. Newcastle is pretty good - I hope more brewers will hop aboard the drught-keg wagon in the future - sure beats returning all those bottles!

  3. Just got a beertender w/ a draughtkeg of Newcastle. What an awesome fathersday combo. I'm not a Heineken fan, so thank goodness for the Newcastle. It really tastes great and the beertender is a nice idea and looks great on the bar. They really should bring out some other selections in the draughtkeg, but for now, I guess I got me a new favorite beer...