Monday, June 14, 2010

Dissection: DraughtKeg

I've been itching to cut into the draughtkeg for a while now, but I had a few more important posts to put up. But now the time has come. Lets dive right into it. This is going to be a picture heavy post, but that's the point right? Here we go...
Hmm which tool to pick? Or a scene from Hostel?

 I went with one of my favorite and versatile cutting tools, the pneumatic cut off wheel. Cuts almost anything, with very little vibration (unlike the recip. saw).

 First we remove the valve on top. This is nothing more than a rubber stopper on the inside, and a lever that pushes the dispensing tap down into it, causing it to open (much like the valve on your favorite inflatable pool toy).
 If you cut me, do I not bleed??? Yes. You do. And your blood tastes awesome.

 Ok, we're inside. On the top half is what we would expect. Just like in a homebrew keg, there is a diptube that goes all the way to the bottom so you can get every last drip out of the keg. Note: with this method you can't turn the keg upside down. So no standing kegstands.

Now things start to get weird. In my opinion. On the bottom side, there's a little holster for what I think is a massive CO2 vessel. This surprises me, because you can pressurize a homebrew keg of beer with one of the small CO2 canisters that you'd use in a bb gun or a keyboard duster. We move on...

 CO2 vessel removed from the tank. What's with the white cap? Lets find out.

 Interesting. I'm venturing a guess at saying that I believe it's a mini-regulator for the CO2 in the tank. At full pressure the beer would be over-carbonated, but if left to sit at low pressure the beer would likely go flat.

Now this one really blows my mind. I figure, lets cut the CO2 tank open, just for the hell of it... Well to my surprise, it's comepletely chock full of little black pellets. About the size of a broken tip to a #2 pencil. My only guess is that it's a load of charcoal to keep the CO2 clean. If you have an idea, please send a comment our way.

And finally (and what I originally expected) the inside of the tank minus the black pellets.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure! If you know of anything (disposable) that you would like me to cut into next, let me know!


  1. Wow, that's high tech! Remind me never to give you something for free (that I don't want dissected) ;)

  2. yeah, but can we jury rig one for home brewing and do our secondary fermentation / priming carbonation in there and dispense right out of it?? :)