Monday, June 28, 2010

Do the Brew

I know it's been a long time. Many of you even probably thought that "Brewer Gene" might have stopped brewing it's been so long. How can he brew? Does he even remember how. Well guess what. This weekend, I brewed me some beer.

And right there is the proof. There's my HERMS kicking ass and taking names. I decided for my inaugural brew I'd keep it simple. I designed and brewed what I'm going to call the "ATOTB: Bleached Blonde Ale". Just some basic grain, and some common American hops. We'll see how it comes out. To brew great beer you have to know where you come from right?

I am ecstatic about how well my HERMS worked. To quote a famous mythbuster, "failure is always an option." But aside from dumping a small amount of hot (hot) wort on my foot, things went perfectly. I'm going to have to do some more tests... but I measured an OG of 1.05 on my hydrometer, and my calculated OG was 1.049... which would leave me to believe that I have 100% brewhouse efficiency. I feel this can't be possible, but I'll be keeping close tabs on the next few brews I make.

Also, dog owners be warned. Dogs love the sweet wort from the mash tun. I was washing mine out in the back yard (the mash tun, not the dog), and I drained what remaining sparge I had in the corner of the yard. No biggie, it's not like it was spent grains or anything... Well, no dog threw up this time, but I did have a pretty sizable hole in my yard where I had drained the tun, and the wort soaked into the dirt. I guess I'm lucky they didn't eat the dirt.

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