Monday, June 7, 2010

Wires coming out my eyeballs

So I'm excited. My HERMS system is almost done. I mean it's really really close. Closer than relatives in West Virginia (too soon?).

However I've had a long weekend, and well, I'm tired. (I'm writing this on Sunday night) I've been soldering for 2 hours now, and my head hurts. I've got the hockey game on in the background, which produces a nice ambiance. I really wanted to be finished with the control box for my post tomorrow (Monday). But it isn't happening. It's coming along really well. But... if I wire for another minute, I'm going cross-eyed.

Here's the summary. My hot liquor tank is done. My mash tun is done. I have to wire connectors to my two thermocouples, and my valves. The high temperature tubing is on its way. I modified my burner so I can use my hot liquor tank on it.  And the control box is near completion. Once the box is wired, the tubes are hooked up, I'll run a test boil, and set the parameters on my PID controllers just right. Then, it's full steam ahead...

In case you dont believe my eye strain, here's my desk right now, parked in front of the tele.

Oh and by the way... THIS IS OUR 100th POST!!! Which I think is pretty frakkin exciting.

Monday morning edit: I went to my second meeting of the Central Florida Homebrewers yesterday. Lots of good beer floating around there. If you wonder what you do at a homebrew meeting, you bring some of yours, and you sample everyone elses. That's a lot of home brewed beer. The CFHB will also ship your beer to competitions for you, which is awesome. That bypasses the whole debate on about the legality of shipping your beer, or "live yeast samples" as they say. Good people too, everyone from people wanting to get into homebrewing, to people with 3 tier HERMS systems. I can't wait for the next meeting!

EDIT Monday Afternoon: It works!!! I almost can't believe, everything works. I've got temperatures, all my switches work, the valves work just as I want them to. Mid-week I should get the high temp hoses, and I'll run my water boil test. AWESOME!

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