Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beereview: My Own Brew – Brewer’s Best Irish Red

My Brewer’s Best Irish Red was ready for consumption about a week ago (much like the leftovers in the refrigerator.) This beer’s epic journey from raw materials to hooch has been chronicled in great detail in this blog over the past several months so I won’t repeat the process here. This post is all about results.

I would have written about this last week, but when the brew was totally fresh, it was a bit too sweet so I decided to wait another week to unveil it. 

I should note that it’s not fair to review your own product since you are automatically biased. However, I think that when that product is not being sold the bias actually works against you.

The Cook’s Dilemma

The Cook’s dilemma is that the cook is always their harshest critic. No matter what other people say, you know what mistakes were made and latch onto them. The worst thing a cook can do is work hard to prepare a delicious meal than apologize to all the people who are eating it. Insecure questions such as, “are you sure it’s not too spicy?” “Would you have rather have had carrots?” and “what do you mean you found a finger in there?” have no place in the confident cook’s kitchen.

To overcome this bias, I will make no apologies about this beer. I didn’t taste any mustiness, grass, sweat, stink, mold, staleness, myopins, or any other such unsavory contaminants. The only complaint I have from the beer-cook’s perspective is that this beer is particularly cloudy, although it still may settle. So what, it’s cloudy; want to fight about it?

The Three Year old Paradox

Three year olds suffer the opposite of the Cook’s Dilemma; they rely solely on their reputation to carry their god awful lack of skill into artistic accolade (“Seriously, it’s a friggin’ cat that’s the same size as a house, and… is that a backwards ‘e’?”)

Sadly, much like reality TV stars who release solo albums: this works.  The paradox is that you want to share beer with people you like who like you.  I’m worried that if I only give my homebrew to people I like, they will give me undeserved complements instead of constructive criticism, but I can’t ask them to criticize it or they might do too good a job (trying to please me in meeting my request for negative feedback.) Hence the paradox.

I can’t really give beer to people I hate, since I am totally out of hemlock. People who like me say the beer is good, but what is really telling is that they look forward to it and want seconds. If your dish is full at the end of the pot-luck, don’t make it again.

Conclusion – Drumroll cliché if you please; sardonic comment if you don’t

My beer tastes like an Irish Red should. It has the high quality flavors of homemade and bottle conditioned ale and the hops really came through. It’s a little on the sweet side, but the flavors are changing every day as the beer matures. I doubt it will be around long enough to spoil, or even fully age.

Aside from being cloudy, it tastes great and doesn’t have much sediment. I was extremely pleased with the PBW and Star San cleaning agents and think that they really compensated for my still-novice skills. I’ll definitely be doing another batch soon.

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  1. Since you are the dinner guest, the cook, and the three year old in your own strange beer-for-dinner party, way to go on making something that you want to make again. And excellent parenting skills, giving a three year old well-deserved kudos for brewing bɘɘr.