Monday, July 12, 2010


Recently I picked up some work to occupy my time. And it has left me burnt out. But that didn't stop me from hitting up the July Central Florida Homebrewers ( meeting yesterday. On top of wanting to go, I had to go because I needed to drop off my very first contest entry to The First Coast Cup (! That's right, I've officially submitting my ESB to the competition, and we'll see just how well it goes. My expectations are low, but I have absolutely no idea what my chances of winning are. We'll see, and I'll do a beereview of my ESB when the results come in. It'd be a lot more exciting to write about a award winning beer, instead of just another homebrew.

I also have to say that yesterday's meeting was particularly lucrative for me. I like to support my local meeting by participating in their monthly raffle, and this time I won twice. Which was pretty sick. Managed to land myself a real neat bottle rack to age some bottle conditioned beers on, and a pack of home grown Fuggles hops. On top of that they gave away a case of empty homebrew-usable bottles, which I was quick to snag up. This case should round out my bottle stash to 4 full cases, so now I can do two batches of bottles. But I might just keep them for contest bottles.

Anyway, like I said I'm burnt, so I'm keeping this post short. Just a shout-out to the new CFHB father, congrats Nick (not brewer Nick)!

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