Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beereview: Boulevard Wheat

If you remember the last post, recently I was in Branson Missouri visiting some family. Since this seemed to be the summer of travel, I tried to find local brews to sample. Moonshine wasn't on the menu (at least not the menu anywhere I went,) but Boulevard Wheat was everywhere.

Certain regions certainly have their local beer of choice, and considering that Missouri's is But Light, it was great to see at least one local beer at most of the bars and restaurants. Boulevard Brewing Company is based in Kansas City, Missouri which wasn't terribly far away from where we were staying. I was lucky enough to try Boulevard Wheat on tap as well as bottled.

The beer is light yellow and cloudy, like most unfiltered wheat beer. It has a honey smell which is slightly fruity and citrus. At 4.4% ABV, this is not a strong beer, which means it can be very refreshing in the hot and humid Missouri summer.

The taste is initially sweet and mild, then hoppy, but has no discernible aftertaste. It's an improvement on Blue Moon, which is the rather generic and available example of this style. It's waaaay better than Coastal Wheat from Sam Adams.

Food and flavors seem to happen in trends. When I was at school not too long ago, wheat beer was hard to find. It was pretty much limited to German and Belgian ales like paulaner weissbier and hoegaarden respectively. I'm not sure what triggered this national shift in taste and I doubt it will be permanent. Try all the wheat beers you like (in the summer) before the local breweries shift on to the next thing. Bud Light Wheat will probably be around for a while, but I imagine it won't be as popular in a couple years.

As stupid as it sounds, I believe that beer mixers will be the next big trend. Oh also, somebody offered me a Chelada in all seriousness while I was down there. We'll have more on that next time.

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