Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beereview: Keegan Ales: Mother's Milk

Let me begin by saying, we now officially have 200 followers on the blog! Thanks so much! That means we probably have millions of people reading anonymously. But we don't need validation here; you blog lurkers can keep skulking around and consuming without worry of being exposed. I'll keep feeding you, like a cat that comes with a house.

Now, down to business.

Gene or I have probably mentioned that we were originally from Poughkeepsie New York which is in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley is known by painters as one of the most scenic river areas in the country, which means probably nobody else has ever heard of it. Now that people are willing to commute ninety minutes to the city for work, the communities have relented on keeping out housing developments, and almost everybody who wanted good schools has flooded in from Yonkers: it's becoming developed. While I was growing up however we were some of the last people in New York to still only have Dial-Up, although you can find places in the mountains where they probably still use cans with string between them.

Now, down to beer business.

During my trip, I decided to try and find some local beer to review. Until my friend Cliff starts selling his "Last Stop Brewery" creations, my first pick at Stewert's is Keegan Ales, from Kingston. Like most of upstate New York, I have absolutely no reason to visit. However, their slogan "The Hudson Valley's Brewery" did catch my eye.

Since I appear to be suffering from nostalgia, I'll try and keep my droning to a minimum by reviewing this beer in a direct manner.

  • Marketing - The name "Mother's Milk" seems pretty disgusting for a beverage, if you're at all Freudian. Mature adults or animal breeders should have no problem with it; although if you serve this at a party of overly stodgy guests with mommy issues, I'd be careful.
  • Variety - It's a very smokey dark stout. I'd compare it to Stone Smoked Porter, or Young's Chocolate Stout (which has nothing to do with Chocolate.)
  • Appearance - This beer almost black in color, like plain coffee after it's been in the pot for a year.
  • Flavor and Aroma - The aroma is burnt sugar, like caramel or more precisely a failed caramel sauce. It's a good smell for a beer to have. It's initially sweet, with a very bitter aftertaste. I'd put the hoppyness around Victory Hop Devil or a Stone IPA, but it does have the initial stout creaminess.
    There is a lingering bitterness or coffee flavor, but it mellows out after adjusting.
  • Overall - Without a rating system, all I can say is this is a very good stout. It's well crafted and pleasing to drink. It'd go well well a steak, or something salty and savory. Well done Keegan Ales!


  1. Hi do I get a prize for being no 200? Just got hold of some home brew cider, made in Kent in the UK, its a bit like a cage fighter on steriods armed with an axe! More of an apple sherry really, had a sip, and it melted front teeth!
    To be drunk this weekend! May not be alive to give review so will just say its bad!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Sorry your front teeth melted, no more corn on the cob for you; since you're UK, maybe I should say no more eating Doner Kebabs off a stick. The higher proof stuff can be tricky and dangerous, lots of people have been poisoned. Hope your friend knows what they are doing!

  3. You did get a prize.... but this is what happened to it...

  4. Fixed, although I could have sworn the bottle said Saratoga Springs on it. I did however buy it in Kingston.

  5. not officially registered!September 17, 2010 at 6:14 AM

    Hey "Hudson Valley" dude: the Keegan is in Kingston not Saratoga Springs. When you get your facts straight THEN I'll register. But you are correct about Mother's Milk....a damn fine stout.