Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot hot hot

Or brewing from an engineer's perspective.

It's been a little bit since I've written about brewing but fear not! faithful followers, brewing I have. My past two brews have been experiments with base malts. If you don't know where you're from, how do you know who you are? You are what you eat, and you learn what you live. So how do you design a great recipe if you don't know what base malt and standard hops taste like?

My first brew, about 3-4 weeks ago was ATOTB #02: Clean Blond Ale. I called it the clean blond because I didn't add any fancy stuff, no special malts, no exotic hops, no adjuncts (also no intellect, zing!). Just base malt, and standard cascade hops, and standard American ale yeast. This was also the first automated brew on my system, and my system works awesome. I'm going to review my two new beers together, but here's a hint, it tastes great.

The second, ATOTB #03: Pilsen Blond Ale is very similar, however I used Pilsner Malt instead of standard 2 row. That beer moved into the secondary fermenter last weekend. I fear that it might not come out good though, as I had some issues with my beer system...

One thing I learned is that it takes a lot of time for my hot liquor tank to warm up. So I decided to preheat it while getting all my ingredients and equipment together. I also kegged at the same time, so I had a lot of stuff going on. Well I started brewing at a toasty 205 in the HLT. I set my controller to 150, and let it run. It was hotter than camel genitalia at a Bedouin Saddle convention (those things look hot), so needless to say I wasn't hanging out outside with my miniature jet engine of a propane burner. Well I went outside to look at it, and my mash temperature was hovering upwards of 163, 2 degrees shy of my mash out temperature. I cooled it down and continued on schedule, however my original gravity wasn't anywhere close to what it should have been. This is going to be a very light beer on alcohol but we'll see how it tastes.

It goes without saying I'm still learning the ins and out of my new system, but I'm loving it. And so far it's produced really good, and I feel, marketable beer. I'm thinking about looking into trying to sell it at farmer's markets, but we'll see what laws dictate in Florida.


  1. Is this tea "Hot hot hot" or "cold?" Old SNL line, with Chris Catan(sp?) as Ricky Martin I think. Keep brewing bud!

  2. How about trying some Moonshine for the Farmers Market too.