Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Your Friendly Neighborhood Mouse

Here's one thing awesome about writing a beer blog. I turn to my wife and say, "hey, I need a half hour to write a post, and fyi, it involves drinking a beer." What better excuse to drink a beer? I digress.

So I'm in Whole Foods the other day. I'm not much of a whole food, organic, granola bar, into girls-that-don't-shave-their-legs sort of guy. Stereotype? Maybe, but I can still sleep at night. But one thing I do love about that store is their selection of craft beers. I really don't know how they pick their beers, but they always have ones that I've never heard of.

I was looking over the beers, and feeling pretty stingy, so I wasn't feeling into buying a premium craft beverage. But then out of the corner of my eye, I found Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor. I'll admit that the hand-grenade shaped bottle caught my eye first. But the 99 cent price tag sold me. Technically not cheaper than the Colt 45 if you work the price tag into how much beer you get. But lets dive in.
So I first crack open the metal screw top (a-la Sobe Bottle), and I look on the inside and I see an M, the symbol of an eye, and L, a stoned dude, and a club from a deck of cards. After saying the letters out loud to myself it's referring to the "Mile High Club", if you don't know, you're too young to ask. Already I'm in a good mood. Upon opening the bottle also I smell the aroma of... well, cheap beer. Kinda Colt-45 / Icehouse like. Bottoms up.

Gross. I might have to say that Mickey's might be worse off than Colt 45. At least I got 32 oz. of Colt 45. Mickey's only gave me 12. Well onward. I guess I can taste malt, no hop flavor, and the last thing left in my mouth is the taste of stale alcohol. What more can I say? It has no particular flavor to it. The bottle is by far to coolest part of this drink, but I can get a similar shaped bottle in a 6-pack of Red Stripe and still enjoy my beer. Ouch.

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