Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome again DrinkWithTheWench Visitors!

Congrats to Nick for being the featured beer blogger today at DrinkWithTheWench.com! If you're not coming here from her page it's over here. We really appreciate the recognition, and we love to show you what we're all about.

I'll take this moment to give you guys a brief background on Brewer Nick.

I'm in my mid twenties as I write this post. And Nick and I go back to the years where we could count our age on two hands (as opposed to now, where we also need an extra appendage to do such). We basically grew up together, which helped due to him living right up the road from me. We did a lot of talking, gaming, shooting, etc together.

It was heartbreaking, naturally, when we went off to college. We went our seperate ways, did our own thing, saw each other from time to time, but not more than a day or two. Then of course, I had to go and move to Florida, which meant we saw each other even less. And I'll be honest, I'm not very good at keeping close contact with distant friends, I'm not much for making long phone calls.

As Nick stated in his brief summary of time, I started this blog with someone else, and did all the blogging myself. The other would just show up in pictures from time to time. When he fell off the face of the earth, I was a little awestruck. I got to thinking. It is A Tale of TWO Brewers. Who could I use?

My man, Nick. He likes to brew, he writes awesome, and, best of all, it gives me a reason to talk to him on a regular basis. We're loving co-authoring this blog together, and we're really glad you are to! Check out Nick's previous post for new visitors, it has a lot of really good links about key points in out blog. Also check out our tags, Milestone will give you momentous occasions in brewing, Beereviews are all our opinions on as many beers we can get our hands one. Likewise, posts written by myself are under "Brewer Gene,"  and posts written by Nick are under "Brewer Nick."

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