Monday, September 13, 2010

Beereview: Key West Sunset Ale

If I get my history right (which I usually don't), at one point Key West seceded from the United States because the US was treating the Key West locals like immigrants. So Key West seceded and called themselves the Conch Republic. When Key West was "taken back" by the US, they applied for national relief fund money for territories that were recently taken over by the states. Smart group of people those Conch Heads.

Today's beer comes, or should I say "comes" from Key West (the side of the bottle says Melbourne, FL != Key West (sub parenthesis for those not getting the coding reference: not the same)). Regardless the beer of note is the Key West Sunset Ale. The brown bottle (yay!) boasts a nice warm label with a lovely picture of palm trees (which could be taken anywhere in Florida). Lets dig in.

The beer pours a nice gark (typo for dark golden) color, with very little head retention. The scale on the side of the bottle reads almost all the way to the "dark" catagory, but is as close to Guinness as my youngest dog is actually a golden (hint: dog != golden (code reference again, see "Melbourne")). Aroma smells like the first pale ale I ever brewed, sweet, and lightly hoppy. It drinks surprisingly tart compared to the aroma, however not in a negative way. The first sip just had a little bit more bite than I expected. The beer has a medium body, so while you're not going to pound a case of it, it wont replace a meal either.

All around a good beer. Not too sweet, but not too bitter. Easy to drink. A good beer to enjoy with... oh... say, a sunset?

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