Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dogsplosion! Dogfish Head at its Best

As one of the premier (self proclaimed) beer reviewers of our time, bribery is an interesting concept. I think it's a very interesting concept. The tale I’m about to spin does involve free swag and in the interest of full disclosure I do believe that it has enhanced my opinion of Dogfish Head. However, it has all been done above board through old fashioned customer service (since I never identified myself as the super famous rockstar beer reviewer that I’ve become.)

It began about four months ago, when I read a tweet from @dogfishbeer advertising that they were now selling the Maple Syrup from Sam’s family farm (used in their Immort Ale.) They had golden and dark syrup, so I jumped at the opportunity and ordered two bottles. I personally hate pancakes with syrup so my intentions for this additive were purely for beer making beer, breads, or cookies (“Super Pooper” cookies with loads of nuts and seeds, in fact.)

I received the normal billing confirmation, but oddly no shipping confirmation. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but time marches on. After three months, I was thinking to myself “WTF is my syrup?” – The “W” in the phrase meaning “where” instead of “what” but the sentiment remains the same. We generally don’t have sugar thieves in my neighborhood other than the occasional ant (but I’ve never seen them carry away the bottle.) So either the UPS guy really likes waffles and stealing, or somebody goofed.

Generally, when dealing with people who are providing me a service I try to be as polite as possible to avoid any situations involving waffles and saliva. Given my penchant for strongly worded letters, I needed to exercise restraint even while under the influence of syrup induced hunger pangs. I wrote Dogfish Head’s customer service a nice letter inquiring as to the whereabouts of my intended baking sweeteners. Without going into all the sticky details (ba-dump-cha) nobody exactly knew what became of my Super Pooper cornerstone.

Dogfish Head’s “Goddess of Gear” Lindsey promised me some swag and a refund since they were all out of syrup. The refund was really all I was after, but I’ll never turn down a free gift (unless it involves waffles and saliva.) After a couple weeks I received a ridiculously large box filled with enough packing materials to choke a rhinoceros and two nice Dogfish Head beer Chalices. Thanks Lindsey!

This kind of customer service gives me yet another reason to respect and love Dogfish Head. Their beer is awesome, their swag is cool, and their customer service is amazing. Since the only gift glasses I get from the Watou brewery require me to purchase holiday four packs, I think I’m going to have to promote Dogfish Head to the top spot as my favorite brewery on the planet.

In honor of this momentous occasion, and because I really want to use the word “Dogsplosion” more than once, I plan on reviewing two of their Ancient Ales next week – SAH’TEA and Theobroma. Stay tuned.

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