Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging Tourette's

Today I've got some random updates ranging from the blogosphere to the troposphere.

I've noticed Orlando is up to 24 votes to the potential location for the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference. You guys are going to have to help me out on this one. If each of our followers cast one vote for Orlando we'd be only 4 votes shy of first place. Lets get together people! Vote!

I've heard that a new Shipyard Brewpub is opening here in Winter Park, Florida. That gets me all kinds of excited. I've already told my wife that I plan to be there opening day. Check out the article on it here.

Nick and I are coming up with some great ideas for new swag in our cafepress store. Hopefully it will boost our sales (up from nothing). Posts to follow in the future.

With the Sunshine Challenge coming up, I need to up my bottling game. ATOTB #02 is carbonating, and #03 is clarifying. And my new Blichmann Beer Gun is on its way.

Adam over at The NonconFERMist (love that name by the way) is right at the beginning of his project to turn his garage into a brew haven. So far he's decided he's going with electric (so he doesn't gas himself), and he's already installed a computer. But he baits me on and wont tell me if the computer is just going to run brewing software (like Beersmith) or actively monitor his brewing system (can someone say BrewTroller?).

Want to sample beer? How about 40? At once? Stone went crazy and hosted the ultimate beer tasting venue, dispensing 40 different styles of their beer at once. Insanity.

The guys over at Monday Night Brewing are well along their way to selling beers. Their tap handles look sick, and they're even doing boring legal stuff. Hey guys, if you want me to write a beer review, send me some bottles!

That's all for now, tune in Wednesday for the regularly scheduled insanity.

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