Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy brewing schedule

If you've been following my twitter, you already know I've been brewing my mash off.

2 weeks ago I rebrewed the popular ATOTB #02. So far so good, it sits in the fermenter waiting to be kegged an enjoyed. Last week I rebrewed the horribly screwed up ATOTB #03, but this time brewed it correctly. And its at this stage after successfully brewing 3 beers on my new HERMS system that I feel I can say that it is a 100% efficient system. Every time I've brewed I've hit my calculated OG so close the military is jealous.
Sparging on left, Xfer to secondary on right

This week is a cleaning week. I've got 2 kicked taps on the kegerator, one keg that needs to be dumped, and about an inch of water in the bottom of my kegerator that needs to be dumped. The problem with having a kegerator converted from a cheap freezer is moisture. If any of you own a cheap freezer, you know that it has to be defrosted from time to time to get rid of all the ice buildup. But what happens when you convert said freezer into a kegerator that doesn't go below freezing? The moisture collects in the bottom of your kegerator. I was using a product called DampRid which worked really well for some time. The DampRid in the kegerator sucks up all the moisture. Eventually that runs out, and when you haven't changed it in some time, moisture collects. I do have some Sham-Wows, which Vince tells me should suck up all the water in a single soak. Unfortunately the stellar shammys are more of a whimsical wipey. They don't do jack.

On the fun side of things I was able to attend the latest Central Florida Homebrewers meeting yesterday. I realized a homebrewers meeting is probably the only place you can yell free beer and have no one pay attention. One of the members, Andy, had some leftover Sierra Nevada that he was giving away. As I was leaving I caught him in the lot and no one had claimed them yet. Score for me, 2 six packs of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Summerfest. Oorah! At the meeting I also tried a fantastic pepper ale. It reminded me of a reverse sour patch kid, at first sweet, then hot and sour. I loved it.

Also to anyone that might be reading in central Florida, or wants to ship their beer, the Central Florida Homebrewer's Sunshine Challenge is coming up in November! So get your entries in and book your tickets. It should be a good time. Forgetting about this until now, I'm happy to say that I'll have one, maybe two ales in the Blonde Ale or American Pale Ale category. Bring it on!

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