Monday, November 15, 2010

Beer Chills

There's a lot of things that gets me all sorts of excited. I would say I'm easily excitable. I'm totally stoked that the roadwork on my way to work is almost done. Thanksgiving is coming up. Fallout New Vegas rocks. I just bought a pack of Double-Stuf Oreos. 

There's a lot of things that get me excited, but there's a few things that send a chill down my spine that this could be the start of something big. Like when I got my first homebrew kit. My first day of a new job. Starting to coach. These things come fewer and farther between that the items mentioned above. But it just happened the other day when I saw commercial's for Discovery's new show "Brew Masters."

This means a lot. First of all, it seems like it's going to be a completely BA (badass) show. Secondly, it is a single handed demonstration on how powerful the craft beer movement is becoming (on a more personal note this could mean a jump in traffic for yours truly, bonus!).

Brew Masters is going to be a show all about Sam Calagione and his brewery "Dogfish Head." According to the teaser trailers, Brew Masters is going to focus more on Sam and his team as they search the world for strange and odd beer ingredients. Sam and Dogfish have been known worldwide for brewing crazy and "off-centered" beers. Ever had a beer with raisins? Call on Dogfish. Want a beer brewed with yeast thousands of years old? Call on Dogfish. Dogfish, of course, is "off-centered beer for off-centered people." You got to love the guy though. His ideals are strong and pure. He's not one to talk himself up. His belief is in his beer, and he lets the beer do the talking. And boy it talks. Nick's written some posts regarding Dogfish's products (see our Dogfish Head Tags). Nick loves the Dogfish Head. It's because of the off-centered beer-ness that drives him. Sam brews beer that breaks all definitions of beer. Styles mean nothing to him. If the German Purity Law, or Reinheitsgebot, was enforced by capital punishment, Sam Calagione would've been drawn, quartered, burned, tarred, and feathered. Twice.

Needless to say, I'm totally stoked to see the first episode. Tune your DVRs. Brew Masters premiers this Sunday, at 10pm.

Another thing I got chills about is a new place called the World of Beer. What is it? Well it's a bar. That's already got 9 locations only in Florida (suck it, CO), and 3 more opening up. This isn't just any bar though. It's a bar with a boatload (like Titanic) number of beers on tap and in bottles. Website says over 500 beers and 40 different taps. Holy $@(*ing crap. Pardon my French, but even a Frenchman would be excited about this. On top of that they have a card you can get, and when you hit certain sampling milestones, you get free stuff. And not just pencils and coasters. Hit the 500 mark, and you get a private party with a $250 free bar tab. Not only that you also get a plaque on the wall, t-shirts etc. I was planning to go this weekend, but got tied up with far too many things. But watch out and stay tuned. I'm on my way. 

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