Monday, November 1, 2010

Beereview: Shock Top Belgian White

Summer's out. Well, for most of you. I'm still enjoying days of 80-90 degree heat here in sunny Florida. But regardless the season is changing and it's time to trade out those light, summery, lawn mower riding beers for something a little more heavy bodied and warm. So I better get this beereview out of my fridge and on the net before it gets buried behind a wall of beers with ABVs above 7%.

Shock Top Belgian White actually comes from the Michelob Brewing Company, which is interesting because it has so much flavor. Without further ado, lets pop the top and get this party started. First aromas are definitely cirtusy, might even smell some classic American cascade hops in there which are also known for their citrus smell. I oblige the bottle and after pour most the beer into a glass, with "a 1/2" of beer left in the bottle I place it on its side and roll it back and forth to get all the good stuff that's left into my pint.

The bottle pours an amber-gold, with no head retention whatsoever. Any head that was present disappeared before I finished rolling my bottle around (not recommended for a bar setting, easy to drop or roll into the burger of the guy sitting next to you who is inevitably bigger). Again, a strong orange citrus aroma is present.

The first sip is sweet. Like Blue Moon, but sweeter. The beer also seems fairly carbonated, maybe a little too much so. Would I call this beer "fruity?" Maybe, but the sweetness is balanced out a little bit by the lemon and lime tartness that is mentioned on the label. The body of the beer is on the light side, but for a Belgian white, probably right on.

Shock Top is easy to drink, and easy to drink a lot of. I wouldn't waste a clean pint glass to pour it into, not much is gained by doing so. Just fine to drink from the bottle, but be sure to roll it, cause that gets you... absolutely nothing.

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