Monday, November 8, 2010

'Tis the Season...

To buy your big ol' propane turkey fryer. In my wanderings around Lowes and Target this weekend, I noticed the renewed presence of propane turkey fryers and thought that it might be a good time to draw some attention to them. If you're not going to read this any further, leave with this, buy one now.

I've heard around the grapevine that if you live in a more northern, less south-influenced state, that these turkey fryers can be hard to come buy. Down here they're available year round. This time of year though there's pretty good deals on them. Probably part of the government's plot to eliminate idiots from America by encouraging explosive iced-turkey frying. However, the side effect of this plan is really effective homebrewing. I absolutely love my turkey fryer. Especially since my stove at home just didn't have the juice to effectively boil a 3 gallon pot of water. The fryer however, boils 7 gallons with ease. I've also modified mine (see below) with tabs to fit a 1/2 barrel keg, without worries of it falling over. Another advantage is that it brings your brewing outside, away from nicely placed furniture, and any nagging audiences worried about "messes" being made. Any messes made outside can be sprayed down with a hose like the inside of a penguin habitat (#24). Only downside to the untrained eye people might think you're cooking meth, trying to blow up the neighborhood, or worse, cooking a turkey.

On another note, I hit up the CFHB meeting yesterday and brought my entries for the Sunshine Challenge. By now, the deadline has past, and you're too late. Rumor at the meeting has it that this year's competition has over 500 entries. Including two of mine, ATOTB #02 : Clean Blonde Ale, and ATOTB #04 : High Octane Imperial Stout. I'm hoping that my style selection was better than last time. We'll see how we do. I brought some #04 to the meeting and got some nice complements on it. If anything, it's nice to drink, if not to style. Also managed to get my hands on a Oberon pint glass and a few brew stickers (saaaweeet!).

Till next time, and remember to go out and buy you're neighborhood meat howitzer, I mean, turkey fryer to do some nice and easy outdoor brewing.

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