Monday, December 20, 2010

Beereview: Sam Adam's Winter Classics Finale

Just last week I was extolling the virtues on how awesome running a beer blog is, giving me a real good excuse to drink beer every Sunday night (you didn't really think I review these beers at 9am at work did you?). This one's rough for me however. Friday I had my work x-mas party and went out to dinner with some friends. Lots of beer was involved. I think it took a toll on my immune system though, because once the hangover subsided Saturday morning, I wasn't really feeling any better. I feel a little better now, but drinking some more beer isn't high on my list right now. But the blog must go on! I'm sure I'll be able to "suffer" through it.

First off is "Old Fezziwig Ale" which is unique to the Winter Classics pack. If you don't know old Mr. Fezziwig, he is known as one of Scrooge's workers who has a festive holiday party every year. I'm happy to see that the beer is indeed classified as an "ale,"  and (by way of the neck label) is brewed with many specialty malts, orange peel, ginger, and cinnamon. The beer pours a very dark red, and a good sized head that deteriorates slowly. Probably the best head retention of all the beers in the classic pack. The beer's aroma consists mostly of the aforementioned orange peel with a slight cinnamon spice. Oooh! The first sip nips at the side of your tongue and leaves an orange flavor in your mouth. I expected the beer to be sweeter with all the cinnamon and ginger mentioned, but it has a good bite to it. While not terribly complex, easily the best beer out of the 12 pack. This beer is warm, and very drinkable. A great beer to sit back and enjoy next to the fire. 

Last but not least is the "Holiday Porter." The label boasts itself as a traditional porter brewed with all these great malts and hops. It occurs to me that it seems the first beer to mention the ingredients that it's brewed with, and is proud of it there of. Which increases my wonder on how the other beers are brewed. The porter pours black, and takes the crown for the greatest and strongest head out of the pack. The head is almost an inch thick, and is staying for a while. The aroma of the beer is near nonexistent, however my cold could be the major factor in there. The beer is definitely tart, and almost a little sweet. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little orange peel in this porter either. The flavors are warm, but not terribly complex. And the finishing flavor of hops mentioned on the bottle just isn't there. While the beer is appropriately bitter, the hops are not apparent in the aroma. A good porter, but not exciting.

That wraps up my review of the Sam Adam's Winter Classics pack. I think a pretty good value for what you get at the price you get it. While you shouldn't expect any of the beers to knock you off your feet, the quality of beers is still pretty good. Thank you for following, everyone have a safe holiday!

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