Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beereview: Ommegang BPA

By posting this review of Ommegang BPA (Belgian Pale Ale,) I put myself at risk of attracting all sorts of unrelated traffic. Why you ask? Well for starters, BPA is commonly known to environmentalists, chemists, and Coca Cola as Bisphenol A. Corrupt corporate interests (and I realize I am using "corrupt" redundantly here,) merely refer to it as chemistry's new asbestos; it's great until people generally recognize that it's about as safe as an angry adder in your underpants.

Now, I don't mean to get on a soap box here, but considering that most soap contains BPA now I might as well. As a world leader in seemingly random digressions, let me tie BPA to beer in two ways. The first you can probably guess is my review of Ommegang BPA. If you didn't guess this, than I'd try reading more -- your retention is appalling.  The second is that all aluminum cans are now coated on the inside with plastic (containing copious amounts of BPA.) Aside from that, BPA and their sister chemical Phthalates are creeping into nearly everything we use from baby bottles and pacifiers to cans of tomatoes, hand cream and "marriage aids." I'd say that covers all the relevant entry points into the body that are worth discussing, but I bet you can find some toxic plastic item for any orifice I neglected to reference.

As fellow worshipers in the temple of Hops, Malt, and Yeast this isn't all bad news. Sure you should probably lose the habit of drinking 12 cans of Bud at the game, but isn't it about time you picked up the habit of drinking 18 bottles instead? All joking aside, most good beer comes in bottles and only the cap liner has any plastic in it. That little plastic ring doesn't really touch the beer and is mainly there to prevent moisture escaping. so I wouldn't worry about it. The really good beer usually comes with a cork in the bottle, so no worries there chief!

If I've scared the pants off you, please send pictures. Also, there is a movie you might want to check out called "Bag It" which I highly recommend. Think of the host as a more reasonable less political Michael Moore until he takes off his hat; after that, he seems a lot more like a reasonable average guy.

Now on to the review! I'll keep it brief.

Ommegang BPA (Belgian Pale Ale)

This wonderful beer came in a gift three pack that I received for Christmas. I tasted it at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit since it's supposed to be "Belgian," even though it's US made. It pours a rich golden amber with a good head. The head isn't overly thick (like Gene's last review -- it looks like I could shave with that beer.) It isn't dark either, and has excellent retention.

The aroma is sweet, fresh and light on the nose. There isn't any alcohol smell which is good since this beer is only 6.5%. The tastes are very subtle. It's initially quite fruity, with an almost peach-like taste. After the sweet and fruit pass the palate there is a nice hoppy aftertaste which is not overpowering. The other beer I tasted that was similar to this all had spices in it, but I don't miss it here. I like how refreshingly smooth and light this beer tastes.

Overall, I highly recommend this beer from Ommegang. Look for it next time you're at the store. They carry it in less reputable places too, since it's domestic!

Until next time, enjoy responsibly and copiously.

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