Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beereview: Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

My thoughtful in-laws got me a membership in  the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club as a Christmas present. There are actually tons of "of the Month" clubs out there, such as:

  1. Cheese of the Month
  2. Wine of the Month
  3. Underwear of the Month (for him OR for her, or both I guess.)
  4. Soy Candle of the Month
  5. Bacon of the Month
And my personal favorite for its sheer lameness:

The Monthly Astronaut Autograph Club

While some of these definitely seem more appealing than others, combining them might not be such a good idea. Did you ever try cooking bacon in your underwear? It's bad news. With a weird club for pretty much any consumer interest, sexual deviance, or astronaut fetish it's no wonder there's quite a few featuring beer.

I've had occasion to try two of these clubs personally and vicariously try a third. I'm not totally sure which one the third club is, so we'll keep this with primary sources (me.)

The Rare Beer Club

Since I'm not specifically reviewing this one, let's just say it wasn't as good as the micro-brewed club. Many of the beers were "limited release" but rare doesn't equal good. It was really a mixed bag, although getting beer in the mail still rocks.

The Microbrewed Beer Club

They don't actually ship every month, so February was my first beer delivery. Without getting hideously off-topic, getting booze in the mail reminds me of one of my favorite Mitch Hedberg quotes:
"I love my fed-ex guy cause he's a drug dealer and he doesn't even know it...and he's always on time."
In this case we're not talking about heroin, but you get the idea. This pack included some beer from the EKU Brauerei in Germany, RJ Rocker's Brewing Company, and the Lakefront Brewery (the last two both being domestic.) Everything in the selection was pretty good, but the RJ Rocker's Bell Ringer Ale really stood out. I'd recommend this club to anybody who likes craft beer as a way to experience micro-beer that is likely not to be found in your area.

There's no real point to doing a full review. It's a simple concept: you sit in your house, beer comes to your door, and you drink it. Not all clubs are created equal, and from the 3 I've tried this is the best so far!

Bonus Short Beereview:  RJ Rocker's Bell Ringer Ale

The plastic label is much appreciated since it's really easy to take off (for bottle reuse.) This ale pours a somewhat cloudy amber with good lacing; not a thick head but just right.

The smell is sweet, hoppy and clean. Even though this beer is 8.5% it's got good character and sweetness. Being somewhat thicker than some beer makes it satisfying. The initial taste is sweet but then very hoppy with a bitter aftertaste, like an IPA.

I think the closest thing to compare it to would be Yeti from Great Divide.

Overall it's Very Good, especially with hot food.

Are you in any "of the Month" clubs? Let us know in the comments below!

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