Monday, March 28, 2011

Beereview: Snake Dog IPA

In case some of you need a reminder on awesome beereviews for our contest, here you go. Today's beer comes from the Flying Dog Brewery. We're going to have a few brews from the flying dog brewery in the next few months or so, because I came across a Flying Dog sampler case in my local Target. Who thought you could get quality beer at Target? Or should I say, Tar-Zhaaay. Gotta keep your eye out, who knows when quality beer will turn up.

Flying Dog opened in Aspen in 1990. Apparently being the first brewpub to open there in over 100 years (sucks for them). Flying Dog came up through the ranks winning the "Best Pale Ale in America," at the GABF in 1991. Today Flying Dog continues to brew a variety of beers (with weird-A$$ names). Today we're rocking Flying Dog's "Snake Dog IPA" India Pale Ale!

Snake dog IPA comes in at a high 7.1% ABV, and a middle of the road (compared to IPAs) IBU (bitterness) of 60. The comment on the bottle is too funny not to quote:

"Tired of those annoying 3AM hang-ups from your crazy, stalking EX? 
Turns out the same qualities that make your EX so damn annoying make
our Snake Dog IPA so attractive. Chock full of bitterness, bite 
and attitude, it slaps you in the face with flavor. 
Just like your psycho EX did at the bar last weekend." 

Ha, awesome. I can't wait. Lets rock and roll.  This beer pours with a nice, thick, off-white (slightly, slightly tan)
 head, that's sticks around, and is here to stay. The beer itself is a pale amber color. Aroma has strong hints of hops. Strong-hints is kind of contradictory, but the aroma itself is potent, but light. Kinda like a midget Ryu from Street Fighter. Packs a punch, but is small in presence.

The beer drinks with a dry finish. A strong, but relatively monotone presence of hops. The hops (cascade? apparently not, warrior and columbus hops. Anyone heard of warrior before?) are bitter, but relatively bland. Which is sort of how I feel about this IPA. Sure it's a fine and decent IPA, probably a classic example. But brewing a textbook beer doesn't get you anywhere. A good beer, however nothing really special. Probably a beer to round out Flying Dog's array of beers.

Disagree? Bring it, and post about it below. Or use the post as motivation to win your t-shirt winning Beereview! Send it to Your chances of winning a free shirt is awesome! Better than wasting money on that lottery ticket.


  1. Flying Dog was born in Aspen, but currently resides in Frederick, Maryland. Their artwork is done by Ralph Steadman, who did artwork for Hunter S. Thompson. Good stuff.

    Anywho, I love their brews (even if I think their big beers completely destroy their lower abv beers). Snake Dog is an easy drinking, but very basic (like you said, textbook). I think of it more as a Pale Ale and an IPA. I still wouldnt pass it up if offered to me

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