Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Winner! Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale beereview by Brendan Brown

Hooray! Another winner that will receive a Newcastle t-shirt! Without further a-dooo, here's Brendan's review!

Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale
This beer comes from a place better known for its ginormous waves, picturesque scenery, and live volcanoes. But it first caught my eye at Publix, known for its large meat selection, fluorescent lights, and clean up on aisle 6. The Kona Brewery is located on the big island (Hawaii) and makes this solid pale ale for a reasonable price. The beer pores a copper to caramel color with a nice mix of hops and malt. It’s not going to blow you away as if you were living in Pompeii in the first century, but it has a medium body that will serve you well. It can be slightly sweet but not overwhelming. So the next time you are cruising down the pizza and beer aisle or heading toward the beach on the western shores of the Big Island (hopefully the latter), pick up some Kona Fire Rock.

Thanks Brendan! Leave him a comment below! See how easy it is? If you were inspired by this review, feel free to send one of your own in to If it's up to snuff we just might have a Newcastle T-Shirt to throw your way!

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